Stock Market Closes Trading Session with Gains
12/4/2020 9:58:34 PM

The US stock market jumped as data showing the slowest US jobs growth in six months raised investors’ expectations for a new fiscal relief bill.

On Friday, the Dow Jones jumped 0.8 percent, to close at 30,218.26, while the S&P 500 gained 0.9 percent to close at 3,699.12, and the Nasdaq 100 jumped 0.7 percent to close at 12,464.23.

In Asia, the HSI jumped 0.40 percent to be at 26835.92, while Japan’s NIKKEI fell 0.22 percent to be at 26751.24, and China’s SHANGHAI jumped 0.07 percent to be at 3444.58. In European markets, the STOXX jumped 0.79 percent to be at 3091.07, and the FTSE jumped 0.92 percent to be at 6550.23.

In commodities, oil prices fell 0.56 percent to be at $46,01 per barrel, while natural gas prices fell 0.43 percent to be at $2,56 per BTU.

Meanwhile, platinum prices jumped 0.14 percent to be at $1,074 per ounce while copper prices fell 0.1 percent to be at $3,52 per pound. Also, gold prices jumped 0.1 percent to be at $1,840 per ounce and silver prices jumped 0.09 percent to be at $24,28 per ounce.

In currencies, the Euro jumped 0.0607 percent to be at $0,8239 per US dollar, while the Yen jumped 0.2986 percent or 0.3100 points, and the Sterling jumped 0.1076 percent to be at $0,7445 per US dollar.

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