Caddie ousted at Presidents Cup following altercation with fan
12/14/2019 11:33:27 PM

A caddie has been ousted at the Presidents Cup Saturday following an altercation with a fan.

Kessler Karain, Patrick Reed's brother-in-law and longtime caddie, won't return for Sunday's singles after reportedly getting into an altercation with a fan following Reed's fourballs match in the morning.

Reed didn't speak with reporters following the PGA Tour's move but issued a brief statement, saying "I respect the Tour's decision. We are all focused on winning the Presidents Cup tomorrow."

Golfweek reported Kevin Kirk, Reed's coach, will carry the golfer's bag Sunday as Karain reportedly admitted to to Barstool's Fore Play Podcast and ESPN in a statement that he jumped off a golf cart and shoved a spectator who cursed at the golfer.

"As a caddy one of your jobs is to protect your player. And unlike several other sports, in golf fans can get pretty close to Athletes," Karain said in a statement. "We have been known for having fun with some good banter, but after hearing several fans in Australia for 3 days some had taken it too far, I had enough. And this gentleman was one of them."

"I got off the cart and shoved him, said a couple things, probably a few expletives," Karain said after indicating the fan said, while within three feet of Reed, "you (expletive) suck."

"Security came and I got back in (the) cart and left. I don't think there's one    caddie I know that could blame me."

"The most harm done was a little spilled beer, which I'm more than happy to reimburse him for," Karain added.

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